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Next Chapter Counseling
Jenni Greseth RN, LMFT

My Story


Bachelor of Arts in Nursing from St. Olaf College

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Argosy University

License #3621

How did I get here? 

My journey to becoming a therapist took a slightly different path than most. For more that 20 years I have had a career as a Registered Nurse. I have worked in the hospital setting, managed care, primary care and school nursing. After a family member was diagnosed with a long-term chronic condition, I saw how the medical field is not equipped to deal with the fall-out of illness. Chronic illness ripples out into our relationships impacting our growth, development and happiness. When my family experienced this, I learned that we needed people who connect the medical and mental healthcare arenas addressing the overlap that has gone unmet in the past.  

My work. 

My clients say that they feel encouraged, challenged and understood when working with me. I strive to put myself in other people’s situations and can often bring a different depth of understanding to the therapy process. I am curious about people’s stories and experiences. I am also good at seeing people’s potential and want not only the best for you but for you to be your best you. Skill building, thoughtfulness, challenging long-established patterns, and creating new narratives and ways of thinking are all part of my process with clients. 

This is a place of healing and all people will be treated with dignity and respect. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, discrimination, oppression, abuse, and bullying are not tolerated. All emotional injuries in these areas are honored and held carefully. 

A day in the life. 

I am an avid reader who loves rainy fall days where I can sit and read for hours without guilt. I can also be found baking, watching mysteries or comedies, hiking or playing with my cats. I also try my hand at gardening and crafts.  I’m not great at either of them but I don’t let that stop me. I love spending time with my family where quoting movie lines is our shared language.  We enjoy our geeky obsessions of board games and science fiction. We also celebrate our Scandinavian heritage, and you might find us in our Norwegian sweaters eating lefse. 

The End.  

I feel called to support people in their healing process. I am here to listen to your story and your struggles and support you in this time of challenge and growth. That may mean, listening, supporting, skill building, or processing old chapters.

I strive to empower you to reach your therapy goals that get you to your next chapter. 

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